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6,500 OBO

Clear Texas Blue rebuilt title with no leins. The car has the actual mileage and nothing mechanical that affects mileage has been change and is stated on the title. The car has had the hood, grill and the radiator support replaced. The car needs a passenger headlight is cracked but still works. One of the three tabs to screw the headlight broke so it is being held by two of them. Works just fine and is securely attatched without any issues.

The hinges on the hood are slightly bent so there is a small difference in spacing of the hood between fenders. The hood still opens and works properly. The spacing doesn't bother me either as it is minimal. I dont have the extra 30 for the hinges lol but you might want to change them and leave it perfect.

The car has 77,803 miles but I have to use it as a DD so it will go up but I have a buick that i can use to not make too big of a difference. The gas mileage is OUTSTANDING! I used it for school and going back home from san marcos to Houston and I make it here on a quarter tank of gas. That is a 3.5 hour drive!

I have owned the car since it had 45k miles and have always maintained it. It gets oil changes every 3-4k miles.

-Starts without an issue
-sounds awesome for stock lol
-New ceramic pads all the way around with lifetime warranty
-new rotors all the way around
-new battery
-ALL within the past 2-3 months.

-2 vacuum valves/solenoids (not a big deal, as I've been told by a Mazda forums member that the he hasn't used them in 6 years, inspection is current until 9/11)
-Mechanic said the AC needs a charge. Heater, heats like an oven!

-Small nicks on the fender that I couldn't get fixed because it would require the painting of an entire fender
-Some time markings on the back from someone hitting me in the back while I was in a parking lot
-Seam is undone a bit on the driver seat.
-and someone scratching my door a tad while inside a store. (all the above are picture)




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