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TWS this weekend!

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Got a buddy running an STi mounting a video camera in his car and running in the same group as me, will post vids and pics once he downloads them next week. Hopefully it'll include a frame or two of me passing him!

BTW the rear camber is back to stock and the car feels much tighter, took the SH45 tollway sweeper at 85 today and the car still had more to give. Before I changed it back to stock, 80 was hair raising :)
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What caused it to "not be stock"?

Can't wait for the vids :thumbup:
What caused it to "not be stock"?

My idiocy :) When I changed wheels and tires, I got the visual impression that the camber was too negative, like I'd be cupping my tires. Well, it seems it was an illusion, the camber was set right, -1.3. Unfortunately I had them put it to -.5 and handling suffered severly. Like I said above, now that it's back to stock, there is a lot more grip, just in time for the track :)

Turns out my buddy may not go and if that's the case, he's going to give me the camera and in car mount, that would be awesome!!!!

We'll see what happens :drive:
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