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TurboXS Blow Off Valve Adapter is shipping to me!

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I have a few Type H TurboXS blow off valve (RFL) externally vented.
I have a few Type H Turbo XS blow off valves.....not so lud.
I have a few of the recirc style type H blow off valves here.
And I have 3 of the MazdaSpeed6 adapters being shipped out of TurboXS today.
Next week I will have one of the plates with the RFL Type-H BOV's on our Speed6.......
I currently have a AEM True Boost electronic boost control (Running 25% Duty cycle)
I have an AFC NEO but have not installed it. I may swap over to a TurboXS D-Tech BCFC....I am on the fence with this.
I have a Innovate XD-16 Wideband system here with the LC-1 5 wire probe that needs to be installed and then I will get the DL-32 in to allow me to see all the parameters as well as datalog everything to a SD card.
I have had the Snow Performance Boost Cooler alc injection system on for over a thousand miles now.
I am running an AEM Cold Air Intake.
I have beat WRX-STI cars, Mustangs, M3's, 3000GT Twin Turbo car, an A4 Quatro turbo car, and lost to my buddy in a 2000 Dodge 3500 crew cab dually.....bummer on the Cummins with 1135 FT/LB of tq.....

Power is coming.... there is more fun to have........
Call if you want to talk about my car!
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Losing to a crew cab dually has got to sting a bit - but I know those things can haul ass.
video.... and video
:yesnod: :yesnod: :yesnod: :zzz:
I dont normally drive around with a passanger, or with a video camera. All of the races I have been involved with are not allowed to be talked about here do to certain restrictions applied by the ruling powers...sorry. That Dodge truck can smoke the duallys at a rolling 40 mph hit of the throttle.....he races in 4x4 to avoid the tire shredding smoke show. Those dang Cummins and Duramax trucks can put down 500+ hp and 1000-1200 TQ without much more than a few grand in bolt on parts. Its going to take alot of time and money to get my speed6 to beat that Cummins truck!
Blow off valve (Turbo XS) adapter install with Type-H-RFL BOV (Turbo XS).
Total time to install is less than 15 min.......or one beer.
Sound is 100% cool.
Looks 100% cool.
Ease of installation is 100% simple.
Look on wifes face when she stands outside the shop and listens to you pull away....100% priceless!
In stock to ship? Yep.


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