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Turbo kit for Mazda 6 2,3 4 cylinder

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Has anyone tried to put this turbo kit in their 6? I'm living in sweden and have a brand new mazda 6 2,3 sport with 166 hp that i would be interested to power up. What do you think?

The link Turbo kit
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the shop has had the original testers car in their shop for about 15 months now. i'm not sure if they got everything sorted out or not? but he's the only one so far.
Actually I would think at some other things before installing turbo...
For example you will kill your clutch with 100% chance... so you need better... and other things...

PS for me, I prefer Hi-Boost
There is people running it and reliable info about it...
given how the 3's have been, you shouldn't need a clutch on stock boost unless you get launch-happy. Juan was hitting over 350hp on his stock clutch and drag slicks.

if anyone is interested in hiboost, hit up Juan now, he's putting together a GB over on mazda3forums with a discount for the first 5 that order. it uses a different manifold, but he might work something out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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