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soooo i got a mazda6 v6 a month back...
my 1st time with anything outside of honda. :(
of course this car is much faster than my 4 banger civic(but has less soul).. over the past month, ive kinda felt performance fading. i kno i need to get an oil change

the car wasn't in the best shape mechanically. it needed new tires, which i replaced. the brakes are going out so im getting those next. since i have part time job and am a full time student, i dont really have much money to get my car a tuneup..the airfilter has bugs in it and grass(LoL) and the car gets somewhere from 15-18 mpg..its HORRIBLE!

all this stuff im not as worried about because i have the knowledge to replace things like that
but heres my question. i have a sequential automatic tranny and i can feel that its somewhere on its way out. it hesitates to go into 5th and beyond from 4th..and also, it jerks hard when it automatically downshifts into 4th

so im gonna try to replace the tranny fluid. only problem is i do not know what kinda fluid goes in there and where to get it
also any suggestions about what to change to get better mpgs will be appreciated
also, the motor has 93k miles
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