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TSB for brake pedal squeak.

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I just started getting the brake pedal noise from the master cylinder area. I am just wondering before I flush the brake fluid, has anyone had success in doing just a brake fluid flush to fix this? Or should I just go buy a new Master cylinder as well? It seams that if there is friction there must be some wear as well.


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Wasn't sure where to post this either but I think I have the same problem. My brake pedal makes squeaks every time I press it. The breaks work just fine but the sound is driving me crazy like its crying out for help. I went to a mechanic and he tried to spray dw40 somewhere near the break pedal but that didn't fix the problem. I was told that I needed a break fluid flush a month ago when I went to Firestone to get an oil change. Can anybody help us? Thanks..

(I have a 05 M6 V6 btw)
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