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Hi All,

My first post on the forum ... though have been an avid reader since I got my 6 last October.

In the UK towing with a 6 seems fairly accepted. You can buy a hitch from Mazda but you will need to take out a mortgage; or there are about 6 suppliers like Witter, PCH, Eider etc who make a variety of fixed and detatchable numbers.

I bought a bar from Witter, and I fitted the mechanical part OK. It took about 4 hours for me to do this as it takes a while to get all the bumper clips off without breaking them (cleaning them with compressed air really helps!).

I wanted to ask if anyone has successfully connected tow electrics/ wiring into the mazda 6's loom. There is this nice little connector in the spare wheel well, but I think that it is for a rear subwoofer??

Anyone know if there is a tow electrics connector, or if you have to cut into the loom?


MAZDA 6 TS Diesel 5-Dr Hatch 2003
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