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Touch up 19” Alloy Wheels

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Has anyone else had this happen to their wheels? I inherited this 2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring from my father-in-law and noticed this. Anyone have advice or know how to make the wheels look better?
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Thank you for this reply. I just bought a 2016 GT edition with the darker finish to them and there is only one rim that has a small patch missing, about the size of an airpod case. (2 of the other rims have some curb rash, nothing major at all). On the one with the missing section, wondering if since it is small, if anyone has had any success with having them corrected by the powder coating or painting method to where it matches? or are we talking completely powder coating or painting the entire wheel?
Completely powdercoat is the only viable solution .The finish on these wheels are defective from the factory. Mazda is aware of the issue. A tsb was posted i believe years ago to adress the issue back then.... not 100% sure of that though. Anyway any professional powdercoat shop can refinish them to there factory finish. Good luck
Thank you Merio for the update on this.
Another thought: I have never tried the service but there are Wheel Exchange Services I have seen on Ebay (based out of Detroit or LA i think) that have already done the powder coating , and will send you the rims. Then you ship your old ones back. Has anyone had any good luck with this type of service ? I imagine that shipping is quite pricy, but this seems like a good solution or finding a local shop that can do this instead.
follow up question related to these GT rims. If this is not the right spot, I will create a new post. Wanted to know if anyone has had any issues with wheel weights falling off?
How will they fall off when tape and centrifugal pressure is involved??
Hi Talon, good point and sorry I should have been more clear in my post: I just had all 4 tires balanced a week before. I park 2 cars in the garage, the Mazda and another one. I found the entire strip of weights sitting on the garage floor for one wheel. Since it has only been a week, I suspect it's from the Mazda and probably was not taped down properly. I'm going back to tire shop to have them re-check and re-do it.
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Its possible they either didnt make sure it was stuck, or rebalanced them and didnt clean off the prior tape. Or the tape was really old and just didnt stick, or theres brake fluid etc.
Yes 100% agree - you are reading my mind. I think the old ones were not cleaned off properly and the new one fell off as a result. I am going to ask them to double check the other 3 and address them as well while the fix the original issue.
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