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We have a 2010 GTi that we bought new Our daughter now drives it for school and work and it’s still as reliable as day we bought it

she unfortunately had a mishap over Christmas when a delivery came to her work and she had to move the car. There was a cement planter box in her passenger blind spot and as a result she pinned the fender , door and rocker panel. The 6 is so easy to work on. I found a ‘09 donor car in 36y paint to fix the car. While doing so I sprayed rust proofing inside the door pillar where the wire harness travels. Unbenownst to me the stereo amp is directly across inside the passenger kick panel and product went through the cooling vent of the amp and fried it

back to wreckers and found another donor amp and now cars back to original condition for a fraction of what a shop repair would cost
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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