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Which size?

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I'm contemplating on going to 20" wheels or staying with the 19" wheels that I have. I've tried to search through the forums to compare but still no hope. I've already exchanged info with @Byakuya and received some very good information. I mean, whats a 1/2 inch growth all the way around, right. Here is what I was thinking

I'm curious what opinions others might have on going to 20 inch wheels? How are they to drive on? Or should I stay with the 19's.

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Only thing I'll add is to check your local Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace - you'd be amazed at some of the deals people are giving out. Got my TSW Nurbies for $600 total when they retail for $420 each.

20s fill the wheel well so perfectly that it'll be hard for me to ever get away from them.
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