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I needed new tires for my 06 MZ6 since I shredded the stock pirellis in 17k miles. I just picked up a set of Cooper Zeon Sport AS (All Seasons) in 225/45R18 91W mounted on the stock 18" rims.

Initial impressions: Very tough to complain about. They handle great. Very sharp and crisp on dry roads. Had a nice downpour today and they had no problems displacing the rain to get me some good traction. No snow miles yet, but that should come shortly if the weatherman is right.

Just thought I'd throw in my $.02 for a probably overlooked tire.

Price: Here's my only problem. I was quoted $150/tire installed. Around the best price going for tires in my size. When I got my bill, they're charging me $155/tire and $20/tire installation. Apparently they realized they couldn't mount an 18" tire and had to take it somewhere else and decided to pass all of that on to me. Fortunately, my dad's cousin owns the place. Unfortunately, he's currently on vacation. Should all be sorted out soon.
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