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Tire help?

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Well there are two incidents. Before you flame me, I am a horrible driver, well not horrible, but I have depth perception problems. Regardless, the first incident is that I was trying to get into my carwash, and there's a guide rail for the car. Unfortunately I sort of went to wide and my tires came up and flopped back down. Did I warp them or not? Its on my left hand side of the car, and sometimes, mostly when driving above 30 miles per hour, I feel the slightest of tugging to the right. The second incident is trying to park on the curb, where I hit the curb itself, the tire didn't go up but sort of shaved the rim and part of the tire, although there is no visible damage to the tire. There is a very small chunk, perhaps .5 inches across and .1 inches wide. Would that affect tire psi? Because of my MS6, the back tires are at 32 psi, and the front one is at about 31 psi so that makes me worry a little. So is my alignment and tire PSI affected or is it just the nature of the car?

Thanks a bunch.

And plase don't flame me for the crappiness of my driving.
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bump. Someone please?
your alignment is a possibility, but probably not.

you may be experiencing tramlining, where the car follows the crown of the road.

just check the pressure every day or so if you're worried about it. you're probably ok.
alright thanks. Whenever I check pressure though i'm afraid that I let out too much air. Just fill up a little bit after that?
you are 100% fine. if it pulls a little ALL the time, then its alignment.
Alright thanks a bunch.

Hey mods, can you close this thread? My question is answered.
Please post a picture of you with your car.
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