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Tire Fiasco

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So I blew out my driver side rear tire a couple days ago and got it replaced with brand new oem rubber. Subsequently, after the assholes installed it they told me I should have ordered two because my other rear tire is on the verge of blowing as well. Anyways, since they replaced the the drivers side rear tire the car has been pulling super hard to the right. Could this be simply because that particular tire is just a larger diameter due to more tread, causing my car to push itself to the right (I literally have to fight to keep it on the road)? And if so, would this be damaging my other tires in the process?

Also, I'm extremely fucking confused as to why both my rear tires are so bald with only 20xxx kms on the car. Is it possible my alignment is way out? Being a broke ass student, I have a hard time swallowing nearly $500 per tire every 20k kms.

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I am getting my Goodyear Eagle GTs installed tomorrow from Discount Tire for about $800 for everything. 4 tires, replacement certificates, install/disposal and tax.

I hate buying tires and being poor.
why so expensive.......?

i get hankooks for cheaper. -- 600

general exclaims are about 500-550ish installed.
I was at the mercy of what they had on hand and not wanting to deal with shipping in tires and such. Some of the reviews were stating the General Exclaims side walls were folding too much and I read decent things about the good years. Tire Rack had them for $135 before shipping and handling and tax. They came out to $149 ish after that. I got them for $151 and they were going to double the install fee if I didn't buy the tires there or tired to do the price match on them.

Plus I am almost down the the wear bars and Texas has some crazy rain so I need better tires. I lost one car in the rain due to tires and hydroplaning so I don't want that to happen again.

Where are you getting yours done at that you are getting those prices?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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