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Tire Fiasco

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So I blew out my driver side rear tire a couple days ago and got it replaced with brand new oem rubber. Subsequently, after the assholes installed it they told me I should have ordered two because my other rear tire is on the verge of blowing as well. Anyways, since they replaced the the drivers side rear tire the car has been pulling super hard to the right. Could this be simply because that particular tire is just a larger diameter due to more tread, causing my car to push itself to the right (I literally have to fight to keep it on the road)? And if so, would this be damaging my other tires in the process?

Also, I'm extremely fucking confused as to why both my rear tires are so bald with only 20xxx kms on the car. Is it possible my alignment is way out? Being a broke ass student, I have a hard time swallowing nearly $500 per tire every 20k kms.

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You need SPC front camber adjustable ball joints to get a proper alignment, or you'll chew threw tires every ~5-10K miles. You can't have different tread depths... anything more than 1 or 2/32" of an inch between front and back = you need all new tires. The awd system will be fighting itself basically due to the difference in tread depth. I'd measure the tread depth of that other rear, and get it replaced asap. I'd also compare see how much is gone from the fronts. If it's 2/32" or more, you'll need 3 new tires. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it beats buying a new transmisison. Get those SPC BJ's and a proper alignment ASAP!
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... :(

Where exactly can I find those, Douge? I know I could Google it but I just do NOT want to buy the wrong ones...

SPC Camber Adjustable Ball Joints for Mazda 6 / Mazdaspeed 6 (pair) - Revolution Performance Motorsports! ?
At least it wasn't your fuel rail ;). Yup, those are the ones. SU sells them as well, but I think they're actually cheaper at the RPM store nowadays. Read through this thread through:

It covers the SPC's and some other stuff to consider. Sorry to hear of your tire issues, and the OEM's are a rip imo... well, expensive anyways, for sure. Measure your tread depths before you do anything...If your tread depths are too far apart, I'd consider buying a more affordable set of 4 tires. I finally decided on some Good Year GT's ultra high performance all seasons (iirc) as I'm in Boston, but haven't bought them yet. Hopefully next month! Also, I find my car can get out of alignment rather easily (pot holes, etc), so I bought a 3 yr unlimited alignments from NTB for a good price. I already had them set 2x and it paid for itself. I plan on getting them set every quarter just because I can, haha. Out of alignment = chewing up 1 or 2 tires, and possibly needing all 4 as a result = waste of $$
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