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Tire Fiasco

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So I blew out my driver side rear tire a couple days ago and got it replaced with brand new oem rubber. Subsequently, after the assholes installed it they told me I should have ordered two because my other rear tire is on the verge of blowing as well. Anyways, since they replaced the the drivers side rear tire the car has been pulling super hard to the right. Could this be simply because that particular tire is just a larger diameter due to more tread, causing my car to push itself to the right (I literally have to fight to keep it on the road)? And if so, would this be damaging my other tires in the process?

Also, I'm extremely fucking confused as to why both my rear tires are so bald with only 20xxx kms on the car. Is it possible my alignment is way out? Being a broke ass student, I have a hard time swallowing nearly $500 per tire every 20k kms.

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You're getting seriously ripped off. I got 4 235/40/18 Nitto NT05s for like $640 USD shipped brand new from

Aside from the fact that the MS6 needs a few small mods to get a good alignment, high performance tires have way softer tread so they have a way shorter life. Next time go for a set of all seasons. IDK what the shipping would be to Canadialand, but I couldn't imagine it being $300+ per tire. And I don't think the exchange rate is that far off from the USD right now.
Plenty of good tires here for an OEM wheel for less than $150/each: Tire Products - Discount Tire Direct
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Yeah and for what it's worth, my OEMs lasted me about 12k miles. I'm only at 34k miles and am about to start my 4th set of tires. Sadly I like driving my car hard, and really grippy tires lol.

I think TR does do that. Also an option - he could just go call a few local tire shops and see what they have for used tires. I know plenty of guys that get used tires with a fair amount of tread left on them for like $40-50 from local tire shops.
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