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Time to get rid of Bose...

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Finally after many hours of jamming to rock music cranked up, because that's how I like it, the sub finally blows. This afternoon on my way back from school, the sub began to crack and sound very distorted. I really don't like a lot of bass with my music so I have the level set at 2.

So I've read around and from the sounds of it, upgrading the stock system for an aftermarket one looks like a PITA. Audio/electrical is not my forte either. I'm colorblind. :( I'm trying to avoid upgrading the whole system, but if I have to, oh well. It won't justify getting another Bose sub so I can blow it again. So would there be a way to upgrade the stock sub with a better aftermarket one? Has anyone tried this? Thanks...

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yea. many of us still have the stock headunit with an aftermarket sub and amp. i wasnt willing to install an ugly install kit on my 6. it really cheapens the look of the interior. so i upgraded everything around the stock headunit. lol
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