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I know this is nothing new-
Throttle Body VP3M4U-9E928-BA for 6S 3.0 not throwing any codes but is having issues.

Car has stalled on rare occasions at lower speeds going forward and sometimes while backing up from overnight garage parking.
Hesitates frequently with hard acceleration from a stop. While in neutral/park there is no hesitation or backfire whatsoever.
On occasion it will misfire and notice it mainly if I've taken my foot off the gas a few seconds earlier then hit the gas on a level or downward grade.
I notice when engine is cold if I back up rpms seem low and I just barley touch the accelerator and the rpms jump up to normal range.

Since the throttle body referenced has been in an issue in the past I figured I would go to the junkyard and get a newer one. The thing I have been finding is that the plastic cover plate on the throttle body is brittle and the connection plastic breaks off very easily. Is the cover available anywhere as new?

Your two cents is appreciated.
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