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Alright so I haven't been on this site for maybe a year, so much has changed and I feel so behind everyone!

But, I wanted to give an update on my 2014 Mazda 6, which actually I purchased 11/2013.
Currently, I have over 60+ miles and the car is still fun to drive. Actually, the more I drive other cars the more I love the manual transmission the Mazda 6 has. The only upgrades I have on it are the custom rotors listed on this site, the special tune from Orange Virus tune, and Corksports SRI.

MPG- I'm still getting high twenties (27-29) in the city, and I live in Lynchburg which is very hilly and has very little flat surfaces. I also don't hesitate to drive this baby and take advantage of the tune and the great sound of the SRI.

Handling- I still feel the steering is just as responsive as I remember when I first got the beauty. I know where the tires are being pointed and there isn't much over/understeering with this beast. However, I do feel as though the dampeners are starting to fade and even though she still handles the turns well it is night as tight as it used to be.

Interior- There isn't any fading of parts, no wearing out on the buttons, or too much fading of the seats. I will say it is hard to clean the roof and the steering wheel wasn't wrapped with the best "leather".

Exterior- For the most the I have few scratches and there is zero fading.

I still have so much fun driving this car and I even look forward to driving it now!

My wife and I went on a delayed honeymoon to Daytona Beach for about a week and we rented a brand new Chevy Cruze. I will say the Cruze was quieter than the 6 and handled pot holes a tad better...but it did have 6k miles as opposed to my 60+k. The Cruze also felt roomier and being 6' 4" and 230 lbs I can use all the room I can get. However, I don't feel tight in the 6 anyway. Sadly, the Bluetooth, as with many other models, I found was better than the 6's and there wasn't that odd delay when listening to videos. But, I will say the center display was far better in the 6 than the brand new Cruze. The Cruze I felt had a clunky infomate system and I felt like I had to stretch to push the buttons. I also found it odd that I had leather seats in the Cruze but no blind spot, the rear camera in the Cruze didn't have the cross traffic alert that I love in the 6. Apparently, Chevy has developed an engine off when stopped at a light or something. Essentially the engine shuts off when the brake is on and then when released and gas is pressed the engine perks up again. I couldn't stand it and the car would shudder as if it stalled out or something. Now the mpg of the Cruze was about the same as the 6 which to me makes the 6 better. I was driving in Florida, which is flat and would get about the same mpg on the hilly terrian back home. In the end, I still loved my car, which makes the world spin a littel easier. Also, being at Daytona and seeing the speedway, hearing the Rolex cars roar...lets just say I have a new motivation to update the 6 more than ever before!
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