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This site has been so helpful

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So far this site has been very helpful. I am a new proud owner of a MS6 and every litte thing this car does gets me worried. So I've used the handy search button alot so far.


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FINALLY, someone that uses the :search: button!
You just made DaBears cream in his pants. :nana:
Or could put him out of work!! :laugh:
This IS a great site! Welcome to the club. Enjoy your 6 and, if you get the time...write a post on the best way to use the Search function...from a newbie perspective! :yesnod:
Glad you like it, we like you :D
Im just happy to see someone else from Maryland on here. Welcome and if you ever go to MIR send me a PM. I'd love to actually meet someone else from this site and seeing what they do to there car. I live in a very populated area considering its not a city and I almost never see anyone who has done anything to there 6.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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