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This air intake?

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I actually just purchased a "cheap" cai as well.. They are all the same.. Basically 2.75 - 3" tubing with a reusable filter. As mentioned, just look for the maf adapter port and make sure the company has at least a return/exchange policy you can agree with in case they send something different. BCP 03-08 Mazda6 S 3.0 3.0L V6 Cold Air Intake + Filter - eBay (item 140510758029 end time Feb-16-11 17:31:34 PST) is what I got. Should be in for me this tuesday. I am going to swap the filter for a K&N and I will be purchasing some thermal wrapping for it as well.. :)

The BEST mods may be the most expensive, but that doesn't mean the most expensive mod is best for you ;)
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