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Then I tried to drive in the snow on the stock Potenzas. Decent? Not so much...I'd lean more towards horrible. I have a set of Pirelli Assimetricos on Benz rims that I had bought for the G, but they didn't clear the Brembo's. I'm heading to my parents' house tonight to see if they fit. If not, tirerack, here I (and my $1300) come.

Overall, I like the car. The black and white leather is starting to grow on me, but I'm nervous that it'll get way too dirty, way too fast.[/b]
Get yourself some decent winter tires for the car, and you'll be amazed by it's ability in the snow. My MS6 and my former car (Audi S4) are simply the best winter weather vehicles I've EVER driven. I would take a good-handing AWD car with winter tires over any truck or SUV, unless I needed the ground clearance for something extreme (like 3+ feet of snow).

For the leather, I recommend the Zaino Z-9 cleaner, followed up by the Z-10 conditioner. You won't believe the dirt the Z-9 can remove from the white leather. You can find those products on the Zaino Web Site
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