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I installed a powered subwoofer in my 2017 Grand Touring, using the PAC AOEM-MAZ2 harness. Everything works perfectly and the powered sub adds a nice bit of low-end to the factory Bose system, so I'm now able to turn down the bass level in my sound controls - feels like I got some of the mid-range back and I don't have to crank up the volume just to get some bass.

A few things I'm still playing around with:
  • Adjusting the sub settings for best sound
  • Location: right now it is (almost) under the driver's seat but the fit is really tight. I may end up relocating this to the trunk.
  • Finding a better ground location - I think I've located a good spot under the center console
  • Now that the low-end is better, it might be time to replace my dash speakers. :D

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Was it difficult to remove the plastic sill plates or did they come off easily?
Pulling off the plastic strip took a little bit of effort to get started but once you get enough of the edge up to grab hold, just pull it off. The more difficult part was removal of the double-sided tape from the door sill. I tried several removal methods (unsuccessfully) before going with an eraser wheel like this one:

Eraser Wheel

You will need a corded electric drill. Generally, a battery powered drill will not be powerful enough. The tape is too thick and the motor will heat up and cut off (at least my 20v did). Once you get the hang of it, you can remove the tape pretty easily and quickly. You just need to be careful and use the recommended drill speed on the eraser (4000 rpm) to avoid burning the paint. You can pre-soak the tape with WD-40 to soften it up.

View this video to get an idea of how to use the eraser wheel.
How to use an eraser wheel

Once you have removed the tape, use Goo Gone to remove any left over residue.

Also, I strongly recommend you drape a plastic drop cloth over the door and interior. The shavings will go everywhere and this will save you significant clean up time.

Hope this helps.
4761 - 4762 of 4762 Posts
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