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My intent is to log all the possible things we can do with Forscan on 3rd Gens. Many things require a dealer OBDII program to do, but Forscan seems to be able to do a lot of them too.

-Lowering springs and AFS? Reset it with Forscan. I did this last night cause i thought i needed a special program/adapter to reset the AFS/ALS system in the Tech pack/GT headlights. @tickerguy posted the procedure in one thread, but Forscan actually has a spot to perform diagnostic and reset the leveling. It works, visibly at night. I should have tried this last year when installed my suspension.

-Turn off your DRL's (although this can be done with a certain set of actions without Forscan).

-Change the timing on your turn signals, so you can use LED bulbs and no resistors or hyperflash.

-Bambi mode, have your driving/fogs on with high beams. Caveat: this cancels the DRL disable.

More to come as others chime in too, so post yours.

Ill edit this from time to time with the procedures.
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