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I have purchased a 2006 MS6 last month. moved up from a 2004 6 GT. It was a great car, but I really wanted an AWD and more torque. shortly after I bought that car in 2003, the MS6 was announced.

I've been lurking since the start of the year and wanted to pass along how valuable the postings have been.

- They have help me research any issues and assured me that the car would be what I expected. It's a fantastic vehicle that combines fun to drive with AWD practicality for our climate in New Brunswick.

- I used postings to source and purchase the shark fin antenna and an ipod adapter from The RPM Store. Great service.

- The instuctions posted on the site regarding how to install the ipod adapter were invaluable. I may not have made the made the purchase without the detailed photos etc. Disassembling the console isn't intuitively obvious, but is easy with an explanation.

- I've used the posting on how to adjust the clutch. I agree with the posters that Mazda should have made this adjustment prior to delivery, given the consistent feedback regarding clutch performance. I've driven many standard shifts, including a very difficult 4 cyl Nissan pickup. This was the most difficult by far. With the excellent instuctions and photos available on the site, I've adjusted the clutch and now it's one of the best.

- I used the discussions to ID the type of CAI I wanted and to feel confident enough to install it myself.

- I've been observing the wheel photos posted by other owners to determine what I might like to see on mine next year.

Thanks to the site sponsors for making the site available and to those who have taken the time to document their solutions.

Drive Safely
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