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Hi all.

I did it again. Translated an article just 4 you!

Thought you might like it.

Here goes:

Mazda6 Sport Wagon

One of the best. That Mazda has paper on from the car test facilities. Many old gentlemen are prepared to give oath to the fact that they never even as much as replaced a light bulb in their old 626.
But nowadays “good” is not good enough, nor is “inability to wear it out” says Mazda. It must be fun and exciting also, heights to which the 626 never reached. But that does Mazda6 Sport. After several working days and quite a lot of miles in this car, it stands clear that Mazda6 is aspiring for the title “best buy” among middle class wagons.
The even is no longer there. The design is exciting even though a lot has been stolen from here and there. Look at the hood’s press lines. Does it come from Volvo V70 or from Alfa 156? Or the high waist line with small rear side windows and the shape of the rear window: Audi A4 Avant? Still Mazda6 has its own approach, which is enforced by clear taillights and multifunctional, tough headlights with the big five point grille.
The interior is just as dynamic. The materials are much more luxurious than in the 626 and the design feels fresh and sporty without being ridiculous or synthetic. The centre console in imitated aluminium looks fresh, and the red lighted rings around some buttons do too.
The dashboard is made in a soft material and the instrumentation follows the fashion of today with chromed rings around the meters. The lower part is on the other hand old-fashioned hard plastics and up to Audi-class it’s still far, the fit isn’t 100 percent and the materials not as exclusive. Some buttons are placed far down to the left and seems picked from the old 626 – they doesn’t match the rest of the car. But this interior is definitely one giant leap in the right direction for a middle class Japanese car.
The steering wheel is well adjustable up and down as well as forward and back and it has lighted buttons for cruise control and radio/cd.
The driver’s seat can be height adjusted and is adjustable in the lower part of the back. You sit very well on a rough and quite wear-protected fabric. Leather is an option and then you also get an electrically adjustable driver’s seat.
What does or man at the back say, then? Well, there’s a lot of room in every direction. With a margin the biggest of the cars in this test and about the size of spacious Ford Mondeo, all measurements included. Mazda’s body shape makes it appear smaller than it actually is. Some measurements are actually bigger than in Mondeo, despite that the axle-to-axle is eight centimetres shorter. When it comes to cargo space, Mazda gets beaten. Mondeo takes 49 läskbackar (Swedish word for a box with 20 bottles of soda) while the Japanese is in the same level as Volvo V70; 45 läskbackar.
Volvo V40 on the other side can only room pathetic 37 läskbackar and A4 Avant tiny 32. The Avant is very low at the rear end of the cargo space.
Mazda has the market’s smartest folding system for folding the back seat. Pull a lever in the cargo space’s side wall and voilá, the back of the seat folds by itself giving an almost completely flat loading area.
The safety equipment in Mazda6 is up to the latest standards with whiplash protection integrated in the front seats, but the car has not yet undertaken the Euro NCAP test.
The engine is completely new and is all aluminium. It is very entertaining and feels strong even from lover revs. During acceleration in high revs, the engine roars loudly without sounding bad and it is with you all the way until the rev limiter takes control at just above 7000 rpm. The valves has variable timing which gives a positive momentum on the torque at all revs. 166 hp is the number from the factory, and that stands correct – in a test on the driving wheels it measures 154. Even the environment index 95 is OK compared to both the competitors and the average car’s 100.
The gearbox is manual five-speed as only option. It is very good with short, exact and easy-to-find gears.
The body is completely new with front- and rear wagon hanging in vibration- and noise isolating helping frames. At the rear there is a space saving multilink axle and up front there is an advanced construction, not much unlike the one in Audi, with an upper triangle link and a lower multilink. The track is immense, a couple of centimetres wider than the competition both front and rear.
The car has a pretty stiff suspension and 17 inch wheels. But then again – it’s called “sport”. Not very unpleasant anyway, and the car has brilliant road behaviour.
Mazda6 can be handled almost anyway without getting unsteady or weak. A light understeer at high speed in curves easily trades for a light oversteer when you release the gas pedal, over curves and corners the car works great. It feels almost as exact as in a small Mazda Miata.

The steering is a conventional system with a hydraulic pump, much more alive than the recently invented electro-hydraulic ones (who feel very dead and diffuse). Mazda is very direct-steered and has only 2.75 turns on the wheel from side to side. All body components work extremely well together and make this car extremely entertaining to drive – but the sportiness has one big disadvantage:
The low 45-profile tyres make a lot of noise against the paving, especially for those sitting in the rear. The rear wheel houses have sound dampening mats, but that’s not enough. We also tried the Mazda6 with a 1.8 litre engine with more normal tyres (65-profile). It has a better sound level, but it still has a long way to the best sound isolated cars in this class. Mazda obviously still has problems getting their different models quiet.
For the rest, Mazda6 2.3 Sport is almost overwhelmingly equipped. Xenon half lights, ACC, DSC, TCS, EBD, sound system with 7 speakers, four power windows, computer, cruise control, etc. are all standard. And what’s more: it comes with a three year new car factory guarantee, three years paint guarantee, three years damage guarantee, twelve years stain guarantee and with the fact that Mazda so far has built the world’s most reliable cars.
This combination together with a decent price make Mazda6 wagon tough to beat for those looking for a roomy car with a personal touch. The newcomer is the best compromise of all right now and smartest and also cheaper it gets if you pick the two litre engine on 141 hp.

Test comparison:

Alfa 156, four stars
Audi A4 Avant, four stars
BMW 320 Touring, four stars
Ford Mondeo, 2,0 Trend, four stars,
Mazda6 2.3 sport, five stars,
Volvo V40 T4, three stars.


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