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Replying to Topic 'Test drove my first 6!'

I finally got a test drive! There are not many 6s in Seattle - I think I found 2 manual transmissions on the locate vehicle section of Mazda USA web site.

Tested car: silver 6s, 5sp, the works (sports, bose, comfort, premium packages).

Steve - finally realize why you've been raving about this car!!

Suspension was perfectly taught, steering nice and tight, seats comfortable, everything perfectly at hand. Acceleration on the v6 was very powerful all along the tach (of course, I'm used to my 110 hp 626). Interior was pretty quiet too with just the perfect amount of engine growling coming through.

Unfortunately, i4 5sp probably won't be here until early January :-(

On the positive side, seems like the Bose audio package will be able to be ordered with any combination of other packages - it may just take a while to get.

Now I just have to see if I'll have a job - parent company is merging in Japan so not sure what's going to be happening in the US. If it looks like I'll be employed, I'll be ordering a 6i for sure!

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