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Saturn L300

Background: I wasn’t initially even going to look at a Saturn, but I had to pass the dealership on the way to the others, so a last minute impulse said “what the hell”.

The look: The L300 is ugly. Simple as that. I walked around the car, and there was no part of it that I found attractive. The interior is plain, but the console goes from the dash to the floor, which I like. That’s about it, though – the console is neither attractive nor noticeably ergonomic. It’s plain at best.

The Drive: The Satrun L300 is the mid-size model equipped with a 6-cylinder, but after hearing the salesman’s pitch, it’s worse than most 4’s.

A seat in the car was uneventful – there was no exceptional comfort to note. The overall ergonomics were unremarkable as well, not noticeably good, but not bad. We pulled out for the drive. The 6 cylinder was lackluster as expected with noticeable shifts. The car wasn’t exactly rough, but there was a significant amount of vibration to be felt in the wheel.

Summary: The L300 feels like an economy car, not a $25,000 sedan. The drive was uneventful. The performance of the 6 cylinder was lackluster. I thought the Saturns were cheaper than their competition, which is what brought me in to begin with. I can’t quite say the Saturn is a bad car, but it simply is not in the same league as any of it’s competition for the price. The Saturn should cost about $5000 less than it does.
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