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I won't go too in depth for two reasons: I don't feel like it, and this car really doesn't have much to go in depth about.

The exterior, while plain, is attractive to me for that exact reason. I'd much rather have a clean design that is classified as plain than one that may be more stylish but gaudy or ugly.

The interior was plain. Again, not ideal but relativly ergonomic, and I'd rather have plain and ergonomic than fancy and confusing. Seat was low and comfortable.

Handling was nice. The car seemed sharp and responsive. the transmission was a bit rough on shifts. Livable? Handling - defnitely, transmission - quesitonable. What totally killed this car for me was the 4-cylinder engine. Not because of power (or actually lack thereof); the accelleration felt fine, but because it is a very rough, noisy engine. The engine made this car feel like an econobox.

After the drive, I also realized the plain interior contributed to the economy car image of the 626. In summary, everything on this car is livable, some things are mediocre. The car might be worth it's price as it's cheaper than it's competition if it weren't for the engine. It's a boring, cheap-feeling car built around what may be a very capable suspension.
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