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tanabe lowering springs

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Anybody use or tried tanabe nf210's? im thinking about ordering them for my 07 6i but i was wondering if i am going to have to roll the fenders or if they are even a good choice in springs?
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They might not be the drop you want but paired with the bilsteins, they are an AMAZING ride.

I'd just go coilovers if I were you. I'm on springs right now and I still wanna go lower lol
I wasn't sure... I drove a local member's 6. Next time I see him i'll ask.

I'm lowered 1.8 with RX-8's as well and I don't rub. I am however gonna get my fenders rolled anyways just for the sake of it. Plus I wanna go wider as well.
You shouldn't be rubbing if your not lowered yet.

Have it checked out by a shop or something. I have a feeling its something else.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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