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tanabe lowering springs

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Anybody use or tried tanabe nf210's? im thinking about ordering them for my 07 6i but i was wondering if i am going to have to roll the fenders or if they are even a good choice in springs?
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Coilovers would be great i agree but for now id rather put that money under the hood..anyway what series blistiens are you using? And did u have to roll your fenders for the drop?
What kind of spec wheels are you running??

I have the RX8 wheels - 18x8 with 225/40 tire no rubbing whatsoever even with full back seat and luggage in the

@Jjkalai - i second that the question from the OP. What series blistien shocks are you running.
Damn im not even lowered yet andnim rubbind so im kinda scared to do the drop i want to butnim wondering if it will move!
maybe your rear shocks needs to be changed??.....

if you're not lowered and tires are rubbing something may be wrong.

what are the specs or your tires and wheels??
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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