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Tampa Bay Area Members

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Hey Everyone! I know there was another Tampa thread, but that one died a while ago.

Let's try to get something going again. I see Orlando has meets pretty regularly, so it's a bit of a shock to me that Tampa Bay has nothing going on. I mean come on, we're bigger than Orlando! (no offense to Orlando ;) )

I see a few 6's around here, now and again. I actually see more 3's though. I cannot even remember the last time I saw an MS6. Truth be told, the cars that I do see, don't really look like they're in to the whole "Modding Scene."

So let's get this started! I'm in Palm Harbor, where are you?

Here's my girl. Her name is Cherry. :D
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Awesome, thanks for the heads up. :)

I'd love to meet more locals. :)

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Anyone know who ERINN is? Spotted in downtown Tampa after a Lightning game.

Male driver in a red MS6.

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Gotta say, it's a little sad to see the Tampa Bay area members so quiet. :huh:
I'm here and ready to hang out
You look familiar. ;)

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Let me know if you and jocruw are getting together this Sunday. Maybe one of you can stop by my place and pick up my VHT Night Shade. I wish I could join, but I can't this Sunday.

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Not sure who might be looking for these types of services, but thought I would share:

Good place to get paintless dent removal done: Auto Styles
They charge $75 - $100 depending on the location of the dent. They also have a 20% off coupon (Coupons page)

Getting my spoiler refinished here: Carsmetics
$93 after tax :)

I would recommend Carsmetics for the paintless dent removal also, but they wanted to charge me $200+.
I would recommend Silverking Collision Center website is SilverKing Collision Center

they did an awesome on repairing my car.
What kind of work did you have done?
Owner of an MS6 here, I've been searching for a Mazda 6 meet or something let me know if anything does go on
Welcome! I'll send you a PM. :)
I probably drive the only wagon MTX in Tampa Bay area lol
Nope, skyfire has a black one. :)

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Bumping in the hopes that there may be some new Tampa Bay members. :)
Bump for any potentially new Tampa Bay members.
Im potentially new lol
LOL, you don't count! :D
Bump for any potentially new Tampa Bay members.
Bump for any potentially new Tampa Bay members.
Bump for any potentially new Tampa Bay members.
Bump for any potentially new Tampa Bay members.
Deciding if I should be offended or amused.........

Amused. :)
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New to Tampa/St. Pete area. MS6 with some miles and knicks on her but still fun as hell to drive. Looking for input on shops familiar with the tuning/modding.. tried search but no luck.

Only mod is stubby antenna, that's good for 2hp right? lol
Haha, finally! Welcome!

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Oh and, I know a few shops. Shoot me a PM. :)
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