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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me which synthetic oil/transmission fluid to use, I checked the mazda6tech site and they suggest the following for the automatic transmission:

synthetic oil:
0w-20 mobil1, 5w-20 redline, 5w-20 royal purple (stock factory fill is Motorcraft 5w-20 semi-synthetic.

automatic transmission fluid:
Redline D4 (Mercon V)

Amsoil Universial Synthetic (Mercon V)

Royal Purple Max Life ATF (Mercon)

I have called Canadian tire/wallmart and neither sell the 0w 20 grade of synthetic oil and they don't sell any of the automatic transmissioin fluid.

My questions are

1. Would 5w 20 synthetic oil be alright, since 0w 20 seems difficult to find and probably $15.00+ per litre

2. Can anyone tell me where in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, I can find a place that sells above synthetic oils and transmission oils? Websites, names and addresses phone numbers of places would be GREATLY appreciated.

If those of you out there use the above oils, pls let me know where I can get them from and what the prices are.

Thank you in advance

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