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Suspension Upgrades/Body Stiffening and Group Interests

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I am throwing this out there for anyone who may ne interested in a company I recently stumbled upon that sells aftermarket lower control arms, body stiffening parts, and other random suspension upgrades.

The company is HardRaceUsa and they generally take 5-8 weeks for delivery so the hopes is a cheaper price and quicker turnaround.

So far we have:

Rear Engine Mount (part # 7765)
Front Lower Control Are Set (part # 8801) x 2
Rear Lower Brace (part # Q0239)

I'm thinking I'll probably reach out to them again in a week for an order and CC anyone else who is throwing down.
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That’s me. I was unaware of the AWR one. I’ll look into it. @TalonTsi90 what about that one toots your horn versus other ones?
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