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SURE MM and "Anchors"

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So my SURE MM and Anchors came in today and will also be going on my car today. I've had pneumonia so for the last few days I've been hung up in the house going stir crazy! Been looking forward to not only getting out of the house, but getting rid of that drivetrain lash. The SURE MM is the same as the SU MM, but for $5 dollars more you get that crazy finish? I'm game. And the Anchors are probably going to take a while, but hope they perform like I think they will. I think I might be the first here to take the pludge on these from SURE, so I'll let you know how everything went, and possibly get some pics of the install. :lol:
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SURE I thought stood for Street Unit Racing Equipment, but that is just a guess :D. Here are some pics of the products, and as mentioned before, they are much more gorgeous while sitting in your hands than on the site. The anodized "SURE" blue is very clean. Yea, neither one of them will be seen by anyone, but I'll know. And I'll smile every time I run through the gears. Side note, and gonna thread jack for a second... Jan. 8th I'll be making it over to the Orlando area for their meet-n-greet and get to know some of the FL Mazda scene.


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the info was posted like a month ago here about SURE. they are just a higher end outlet for street unit. not thats its a bad thing. just saying.

Yeah I know, that's where I got my reference from to check the products out, I just haven't seen anyone post actual pics or reviews of the product line. That's all I'm doing here :p
Mount wise, it's all preference. Almost all are equal in quality, comes down to the durometer you want for your driving style, and whether you want rubber or urethane bushings. As for shifter bushings, all aluminum will be exactly the same, some may have different designs, but you wouldn't be able to notice the difference. price and which company to support is what it would come down to really. You buy a name, that's it.
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