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SURE MM and "Anchors"

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So my SURE MM and Anchors came in today and will also be going on my car today. I've had pneumonia so for the last few days I've been hung up in the house going stir crazy! Been looking forward to not only getting out of the house, but getting rid of that drivetrain lash. The SURE MM is the same as the SU MM, but for $5 dollars more you get that crazy finish? I'm game. And the Anchors are probably going to take a while, but hope they perform like I think they will. I think I might be the first here to take the pludge on these from SURE, so I'll let you know how everything went, and possibly get some pics of the install. :lol:
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It has been confirmed in other sites that SURE is a side project of SU, the RE stands for race engineering or something like that.
Still not clear why they are not advertising it as such or the reasoning behind having the separate entity but I know a few people using the SURE products and they are good quality from what I can tell.
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