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This item probably belongs here instead of the general forum....

I guess I shouldnt complain too much because I love Optmus but when I get problems, I get pissed.

Lately, the gears on my 05 ATX 6s have been acting funny again. Sort of like how it was before I got that TCM update with the stalling issue. Yesterday, I was driving back home and i got stuck in 4th gear for a couple minutes. I pushed down on the gas and it revved up high in 4th gear and then finally hit....6th gear immediatly. Thats when I cursed and said uhoh. Anyhow, since then, the gears have been very sticky and it seems like its a jerky ride again. Where the shifting of the gears arent smooth. You can tell when something aint right...and something aint right. Any ideas? I think I might take it to another Mazda dealer other than Glebe Road Arlington, they just dont seem to care as much.
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