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Starting Problems

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i have another kind of clutch problem, seeing as this was the section for newbies I decieded to post under here.

I got my 2003 mazda six about a month ago. The Engine was just replaced and it has been giveing me trouble while starting. Mainly I put in the clutch turn the key and nothing happens. I tried to find the problem. the Battery works fine, all the lights come up. When it does start it runs great. Just for some reason Every once in a while it won't even make a sound. Nothing. I brought it into the shop and at first they couldn't duplicate, meaning it started up fine every time. then after I went out of town for a week I came back and the problem was happening 2-3 times a day.

I took it too my local dealer again and they said i needed a new starter. I paid for one and now the same problem is happening. Can any one tell me something to give this dealer a clue?


I have heard some good theories, one is that it might be the chip in my key. I don't understand why it would not work at first, but then a few hours later ( I tried to start it periodically every hour or half hour when I could) it would not. Keep in mind It has a brand new engine and starter, It has been into mazda service 3 times and they could not find the problem.
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You might wanna look at something else. Im not sure what it is exactly called, but on all newer cars the engine will not start unless the clutch is depressed. I know that there is a sensor that tell the ecu that the clutch is depressed. A friends car did sort-of the same thing. He had too stick his foot behind this clutch pedel too press into the sensor. So he could start his car.
As best I can tell on my Mazda 6 2003 s type there is no button behind the clutch to depress. If anyone know's different please tell me cause the problem gets more and more frustrating every day.

as far as the chip in the keys go, I found the other set and the spare key and none of them work. The engine was recently replaced and this problem has never happend before so if it is the chip in the key it is a problem with the car and not the key.

Please please please someone give me some help with this.
There is a sensor for the clutch. Basically a neutral safty switch. It could be the cause, if it is damaged, or not hooked up properly the car will not start. Another thing would be, when you have this none start condition, does everything else have power? That would narrow down some things it might be.

BTW I would demand my money back from the dealership for not fixing hte problem.
Have you checked to make sure your carpet is not up too far to prevent the clutch from fully depressing? I had that problem on my 03 Mz6.
are you sure it's not a volkswagen? that's the #1 cause of cars not starting, in my experience :)
No, the carpet is not blocking the clutch.

More importantly, yes, everything else is getting power. all of the gauges, lights, stereo, windows, locks are getting power. There seems to be nothing wrong with the car EXCEPT that more and more often when you put in the clutch and turn the key the car won't start.

Now that I have had it towed into mazda for the third time they seem to think it's a problem with a relay. It might be damaged or not installed properly, anyway they are replacing it and crossing their fingers that it will solve the problem.
Okay, this is an odd one. I'm having the exact same problem with an '05 Mazda 6 S GT (purchased Oct '05). But my car is an automatic. I have dealer installed Remote Start, and people keep telling me that's my problem.

Here's the symptoms: Periodically, I go to start my car and it doesn't start. No engine crank at all. All electronics will come on, along with several warning lights (engine, oil, etc). Sometimes if I turn the key back to accessory, leave in on there for serveral seconds, then attempt to start again. It will crank and turn on. But if it doesn't turn on after that second attempt. I've found it just needs time.

It all began for me about 6 months ago when I used my remote start from in the house, and went out to find my car on, but the engine not running.

It's been to the dealer three times for this, and each time they told me they couldn't find a problem and couldn't recreate the symptoms. The most recent time it acted up, I had tried unsuccessfully to start my car several times, then got out and shut the door and the Alarm System starting going off.

I think this is some big computer problem, but I can't seem to get any answers.
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To me it sounds like the auto start/alarm is the culprit as the dealer states. Why don't you think it's the alarm? (based on your post it sounded like you do)

According to the post, it sounds like wiring problems. Is the installer the Mazda dealer? If not, I would take it back to wherever you had it installed.
The remote start was actually my first instinct. The dealer has offered absolutely no explaination (of course, they were the installer).

I'm really not sure, I'm just feeling that it is a computer glitch of some sort. Like the car is being told not to start. Whether that is the computer chip in the key, the remote entry, or something else. I'm absolutely clueless and overly frustrated. :tear:
This may be a dumb answer but do you press the clutch all the way down? I know on my 04 MTX 6 it won;t start unless the pedal is down to the ground.
Maybe its the battery, if the battery is old it doesn't hold a charge to well and will die once in a while for no reason. That is just my oppinion.
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