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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I wanted to ask for your help, it seems like there are some extremely capable people posting on here. I'm repairing my car. Why would I do this? I love to do repairs (not major) on cars I own and I try to avoid going to dealership, not because I dont trust them, no not at all, but because I want to save some money. I have my project car 2017 Mazda 6 sport/automatic. It was in an accident, airbag deployed, driver airbag. the damage is not bad, so i decided to do the repairs myself. the problem is, the car will not start, there was no damage to the engine. The push button flashing amber, when I try to start it on, there is no lights at all on right display/Multi-information. All fuses were checked. I guess its’s Start Stop unit that malfunctioned
here is my question:
1. does 6s have a safety circuit that prevents the car from starting after the airbag deploy?
2. can i replace the airbag and reset the Start Stop module myself?
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