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Hi guys,

I`m new to this website, but i have to say that i already like what im seeing.
I would like to spray paint my front grill. I saw someone post pics of how he did it (hes its a white mazda). it looked really great and i would like to do it too. how do you do it. what are the steps and how many coats do you apply to it.

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I would say this post should probably go in the appearance section of the forum, but whatev. Generally I spray about 3 coats if its good paint, and the piece is prepared right. But being that its a front grill, its subject to rocks, bugs, and all kinds of other crap from the road, so you might wanna go more than 3. Just remember that many light coats is always better than 1 heavy coat.

Basic steps:
- remove grill.
- sand with a somewhat heavy grit (220 or lower).
- sand with a higher grit (500 or higher).
- sand with a higher than that grit. (1200 or so).
- set the grill up so that it doesn't rest on any edges. ( coat hanger rig, or old spray cans; whatever to keep it off the ground/table and still let you hit all visable surfaces with the paint.)
- spray a light coat of primer on evenly on all surfaces. Let dry.
- spray another light coat on. Let dry.
- if there are any runs in the primer, or dust, wet sand them out with high grit wet/dry sandpaper. Spray another light coat on after washing and drying the grill.
- if everything looks good, spray on a light coat of paint. Let dry.
- check for runs, uneven paint, dust etc. Wetsand out if needed.
- rinse and repeat with light coats of paint until your satisfied with finish and paint thickness.
- add one or two light coats of clearcoat if you wish.
- install grill.
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