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Spotted! Grey hatch in Woodstock, GA 5.29.13

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Not sure if there an official spotted thread...

I saw a clean hatch in the Woodstock, GA Wal-Mart parking lot off of Hwy 92 around 6:30.

Car has aftermarket grill, eyelids, smoked sidemarkers, nice Mazda wheels (2nd gen MS3 maybe), and GReddy exhaust.

I parked my wagon two spaces down to get a closer look.

Pics posted. Anyone on here?

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Yah. That's me. I did notice your white wagon. is it lowered? yes they are 4 inch tips. they scrape a lot

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My thoughts too! They did look nice in person though!

Yeah, just lowered it about a month ago. Very happy with it so far. For some reason the front driver's side is about a quarter of an inch higher than the others and it bugs me...hoping it will settle more. Exhaust is on the list to do eventually...

Your's looks lowered too, but it may be the wheels...are they off a Speed3?

Overall though the car looks great! It most definitely caught my eye when I drove in the lot. :thumbup:

I don't personally care for the grill, but to each his own. As long as you like it! Just get some visors and you'll be set! :)

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Thanks a lot. I saw the thread and was like wait a sec, that's my car!!. the rims are off of a 12MS3. Suspension is mazdaspeed hatch springs with bilstein hd shocks and struts.

I actually had vent visors on all of my other cars, but chose not to do it on this one.

She's an 06 6s with 100k miles and I've had her since 07 with 8k miles.
Thank u for your kind words sir.
Wow, that's hot! I didn't know you changed shoes on Looking good sir.

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Thanks Ed. Did that a few months ago. Got a good deal.
Very good looking car! Love the wheels!!

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Thanks bro
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