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I have a 2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring with the Bose sound system. The front speakers are blown. Any material that contains significant bass causes the speakers to make farting sounds, even at low volume. My research indicates that this is a common problem that can be fixed fairly simply with some superglue to re-attach the cone to the coil and that it's caused by water getting on to the speaker and rusting the coil.

The car is still under warranty and this should be covered since it's a design flaw. Talking to the rep at the dealer, he said that it would cost $135 to diagnose and that afterwards they'd determine if it was covered or not. I'm not in a hurry to spend $135 to find out that it's not covered and just do it myself, but I'd prefer to have it fixed under warranty since it seems to be a design flaw.

Anybody have experience with this? Was it covered or should I just fix it myself?

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