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I'm such a cellphone idiot. I'm never satisfied. I recently got a Sony Ericcson w600i, and it's nice, but I'm having some design issues with it, and I'm thinking it might not be right for me. I'm starting to agree with Zoom Zoom Diva when he says that flip phones are the only way to properly protect the screen and keys. The w600i, although being a great, feature rich phone, is prone to swiveling itself open just enough in my pocket to unlock the keys (the keylock automatically is deactivated when phone is swiveled open). It's causing problems left and right, and this morning I called my fiancee from my pocket, AND managed to turn the speakerphone on! Craziness. I've been considering the Z520a since it's s SE (I'm a fan of the interface, features and software setup) but I'm a bit concerned about the issues I've been reading online with people accidentally taking pictures with the camera because of where the camera button is located. So, does anyone know if that's actually an issue or just people being to picky? Anyone?
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