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Keeping with the theme of having 1st generation vehicles, a week ago Friday I picked up this gem for 3k and a VW Beetle!! It's a 2004 Chevy Avalanche Z66. I've always wanted one of these since they came out years ago.


The wife's bug was dying and we got in a tight spot where I was having to drive her back and forth to work daily over working the tired Mazda. It needs some love just like the Mazda but it's a nice addition. At the moment there is no my car her car but that's ok. We both know deep down who we got this truck for :p. It's not ready for any long trips or anything but it's a good around town truck atm and a great starting platform. Currently the wife is driving the Mazda back and forth to work while I'm driving the truck until I can start getting things sorted out.

The know issues so far is the right wheel bearing is shot and grinds a little bit while turning, the tie rods are a bit worn and there is a lot of play in the steering wheel, and tires. Soon enough I'll order the parts for the front end and start from scratch. I'll be replacing things in pairs so that way everything stays even. All in all I'm happy that I finally got the truck that I've wanted for a while and the fact that we will eventually have a 3rd vehicle to where if something happens, we could always drive the spare.

But don't these 2 just look good sitting next to each other??:love: I can't wait until the Mazda gets painted Black!!

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