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So where are your reviews?

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So, all you lucky Europeans and maybe Australians and Japanese - you're zoom zooming around in your new Mazda 6s (or Atenzas)---TELL US WHAT THEY ARE LIKE!!! Where are your reviews????

Dislikes? (hopefully not many)
Comparisons to other cars?

I know some people have been posting links to great official reviews but I would also like to get word from the man/woman on the street.

I won't be able to get one until the end of the year since MazdaUSA seems to be at the end of the line :-(.



ps - sorry if you've been posting owner reviews but I must have missed them. Maybe there could be a whole forum topic for reviews? Anyone up for that?
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I totally agree! :)
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Hi, I am from Australia,
I believe that the Mazda6 won't be released until Late August or Early September...
I personally can't wait to Test Drive the Sport Hatch Model.
Hopefully if the finances work out, I can trade in my Mazda 323 Astina (known as Protege5 in most other markets).
I would like the 2.3 litre 4cyl with Manual Transmission
But I really can't decide on what colour, I like......:sarc
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I forgot to add that Australia will also be only getting 1 engine choice.....

It will be the 2.3 litre 4 cyl engine, with Tiptronic Auto or Manual
Apparently we won't be getting the V6 model, as it would be very expensive for our Market.
Also the 1.8 & 2.0 litre engines are considered too small in Australia for a car the size of the Mazda6/Atenza.

We will be getting all 3 bodystyles (Sedan, Hatch & Wagon) with different levels of equipment. :D

Cheers Again
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