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On February 7th, Miller Motorsports Park hosted the second event of the Snowcross series. Basically, this a high speed autocross and a great introduction to driving on a race track, but the kicker is that they do not clear the track of ice, mud, snow, whatever...what is on the course stays there and thus forces the driver to adjust accordingly. The first time around there were gates set up just like an autocross. However, for the second event, they used the higher speed West Course and put the gates on the proper driving lines.

FYI...a Minivan won the FWD class back in January. This event, the VW Rabbit won the FWD class, haha. The race-ready Evo (which is for sale, btw) had the fastest time, a full 5 seconds faster than the Z06's. The 240 drift crew was hilarious and awesome to watch at the same time.

Anyways, I had rented a Canon 70-200mm f/4 L lens specifically for this event as I wanted to test it out before buying. I ended up with 1,518 photos, 1,264 of which were usable and the following 179 photos which were hand-picked for each car. I shot with my XTi in Manual (but with Autofocus active, naturally) and had rapidly changing lighting conditions which killed a lot of shots, unfortunately, but still, I've never had such a high percentage of shots turn out.

You can find the gallery at my SmugMug site: Snowcross 2

I'm testing the site out for purchase and I think I'll use them. Seems pretty good so far. Anyways, enjoy the photos.
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