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I'm planning to go to Lake Tahoe for a weekend of boarding, but I don't want to be sent back for not having snow chains or cables for my car. I know that snow chains are obviously not going to work, but I've heard of some regular 6 owners being able to use snow cables.

Has anyone run snow cables for their MS6? And if so, what brand? I searched this topic but all the threads are about the regular 6.

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The owner manual says not to use them, as they can cause body damage, from the decreased ride height. Snow Tires are okay, if you have them, you dont need chains.
Directly from the owners manual

Winter Driving

Carry emergency gear, window
scraper, flares, a small shovel, jumper
cables, and a small bag of sand or salt.
Ask an Authorized Mazda Dealer to
perform the following precautions:
Have the proper ratio of antifreeze in
the radiator.
Refer to Engine Coolant on page 8-15.
Inspect the battery and its cables. Cold
reduces battery capacity.
Inspect the ignition system for damage
and loose connections.
Use washer fluid made with
antifreeze―but don't use engine
coolant antifreeze for washer fluid
(page 8-19).
Don't use the parking brake in freezing
weather as the parking brake may
freeze. Instead, shift to 1 or R and
block the rear wheels.

Snow Tires
Use snow tires on all four wheels
Don't go faster than 120 km/h (75 mph)
while driving with snow tires. Inflate
snow tires 30 kPa (0.3 kgf/cm2, 4.3 psi)
more than recommended on the tire
pressure label (driver's door frame), but
never more than the maximum cold-tire
pressure shown on the tires.
Your vehicle is originally equipped with
summer tires designed for optimum
traction on wet and dry roads. If your
vehicle is to be used on snow and ice
covered roads, Mazda recommends that
you replace the tires originally equipped
on your vehicle with snow tires during the
winter months.

Mixing Tire Types:
Using tires different in size or type is
dangerous. Your vehicle's handling
could be greatly affected and result in
an accident. Use only the same size
and type tires (snow, radial, or nonradial)
on all four wheels.

Check local regulations before using
studded tires.

Tire Chains
This vehicle cannot be operated with tire
chains because it could cause interference
with the vehicle body and scratching.

Cables are the same thing as chains, most new tire chains are built of cable instead, since they drive better.

If you want to see if actually will do damage,

Passenger Cable



Item # 1038I

Let us know if they work.
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