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Smoke on start up

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Guys, I did a quick search and couldn't really find anything. When I first start my car there is a tremendous amount of whitish smoke that comes out the tail pipes. I just recently had my oil change and it made no difference in the amount of smoke. The only thing that my car currently does is run a little after I shut off the car. I think it has something to do with a shut off sensor? If I fix this will my smoke problem go away? Thanks in advance. Paul
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Well how cold is it exactly when this is happening.. Most cars do this and its prefectly normal until it gets up to temp.
Well, I live in South Texas where it is still over 90 degrees. Anyone else with an idea?
Well it would be more smoke as it gets colder. but does it still happen when ur car is warmed up? because im pretty sure some smoke is normal from a cold start until ur car gets up to temp.
^ If you get a lot of crazy stinky white smoke then your head gasket is gone!!!! Other then that I think its normal!
Well... You definatly want to get the dieseling fixed... But not sure that has to do with the smoke.

If it is just like one puff, your probably ok. But if it is a large puff of white smoke your burning oil more than likely... It could be many things, not just the head gasket. Has anyone on this car even blown a head gasket yet?
on a cold start i wouldnt worry about it. Now if u drove the car around for a bit and u see like a bluish smoke then ur burning oil.
Check your PCV valve to make sure it's not oil smoke. Does the car run after you turn it off or does the cooling fan run (broken fan module is an extremely common problem).
Guys, Thanks for all of the suggestions. I am going to check them out one by one. The weird thing is, I didn't notice the smoke today. Normally I have to make sure no one is standing behind my car before I start it but today it didn't. ShaDrag-It is the cooling fan that keeps running.
Some on start up could be bad stem guide and or a head gasket. Oil leaking into your engine can cuase dieseling if it is hot enough, and have actually seen diesel eninges run away with a bad oil leak into the cylinders. I would take it to the shop just for the dieseling alone. If it doesnt seem right what they tell you then contact another shop and see what they say. Usually if you get 2 saying the same thing then they might actually be right.
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