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I own a 2007 mazda6 sportwagon with 129000 miles and there was this mild pinging while lugging up a hill in 4th gear. This is very disheartening for me as I poured a lot of money and time effort to deal with this problem. Ive already replaced the cats, O2 sensors, cleaned then replaced MAF sensor, spark plugs, injectors, the fuel pump, and tried many leading fuel system cleaners in addition to a fuel system service at a dealership over the years that, while greatly improving the situation, did not entirely solve the problem. The last thing I've done to my car is use BK44 fuel system cleaner and change my oil (Schaeffer's 5W20). My car also has a very occasional rough idle when coming to a stop once but clears itself up after I get going again and doesn't return for weeks at a time and I can't reproduce that issue on command. My car is not throwing any check engine lights and I almost exclusively use Shell or BP gas. I plan on taking a bore scope to inspect the combustion chamber (which I admittedly should have done way sooner) to see what I come up with. Otherwise I'm at a loss.
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