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Single turbo kit for the 3.0l v6...........

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I never stop working for you guys............

anyone here live near spring, TX that owns a V6 and wants to do a single turbo kit?

post up let me know. i have someone willing to build the kit for free if you get the parts needed for the build. but i need a car to give to him to make the kit.


V6 owner doesnt need to be in Spring, TX, but if person is not living there must be willing to leave the car for the work to be done


6 owner will pay for the turbo, intercooler, and etc. basically the hard parts. all parts will be at a discount. ALL fabrication and labor will be free.

warranty is also in effect. and he will probably make this a production kit.

tuning will be handled by me.

Car will be needed for 2-4weeks

Needs to be an MTX. an atx kit will probably be made later on.

There is some criteria that you/your car must meet in order to qualify:

1. Must be visually appealing - doesn't have to be show quality but no beaters

2. Must have supporting mods for the power produced, ie:
-Strong Clutch

3. Motor must past a full leak down and compression test, also must be clean, no hacked up wiring of any kind

4. Owner will be required to sign a confidentiality statement agreeing not to disclose the actual cost of the build

5. The car will be required to have an Overkill Performance sticker across the top of one of your windshields (your choice: front or rear and color)

I will still guarantee every part of this kit to the extent I've stated in the other threads as if this was a normal full cost build. We will sit down and have a full consultation to discuss what you want out of the setup and from there determine your cost and a reasonable timeline for the build. If you are interested and meet the criteria above, PM me or give me a call.


Vehicle currently needs to be an MTX

ok, some of his work.

he built the only turbo kits for the ISF's and said all the twin turbo ISF's linked here

YouTube - twin turbo isf

he built


Turbo V6 Accord

2004 Honda Accord V6
-Garrett GT35R Dual Ball-Bearing Turbo
-Custom Exhaust Up-Pipes
-Custom Intercooler
-Tial 38mm Wastegate
-Tial 50mm BOV
-3" Downpipe / Exhaust
-Precision 550cc Injectors
-Walbro Fuel Pump
-Return Fuel System
-Custom Fan Shroud and Slim Fans
-Oil and Trans Cooler Upgrades
-Autometer Boost Gauge
-AEM Uego Wideband
-Greddy Emanage Ultimate

This car made 327whp on 12psi on a Dynojet

This car was supposed to be a Texas Mile car however the owner of the car never finished the rest of the chassis mods to run the car such as a driveshaft and suspension. The turbo setup came out nicely however.

The specs:

1995 Lexus SC300
-2JZGTE Swap
-JE Pistons / Crower Rods
-HKS Cams / Valvetrain
-Comp T4 77mm Tripple Ball-Bearing Turbo
-Cast manifold
-Tial 44mm Wastegate
-Custom Intercooler and Piping
-Tial 50mm BOV
-Precision 1600cc Injectors
-Aeromotive Fuel Pump
-8an stainless braided fuel lines
-Devil's Own Meth Kit
-Nitrous Express Direct Port Kit
-4" Downpipe / Exhaust

The car has the capability of producing close to 1000whp, however the customer has the project at a stand still at the moment.

This customer wanted to boost his s2000 without completely breaking the bank so this is what was designed to fit his budget.

Comp T3/T4 57 Trim Turbo
Custom Log Manifold
38mm Wastegate
Custom Intercooler with 2.5"/3" Piping
Tial 50mm Wastegate
Oil Filter Relocation Kit
3" Downpipe and Exhaust
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
Precision 750cc Injectors
AEM EMS w/ Tru Boost and Uego Wideband

The car made 335rwhp at 18psi on a Mustang Dyno

some more of his stuff if you feel like looking

Mishimoto S13 Silvia - DSport July 2009
Lexus ISF - Tunerzine October 2008
Evo X - Tunerzine December 2008

Please step up, asap please as i dont want to keep him waiting. cost estimate for all parts is between $2500-$3000 ALL LABOR/FABRICATION IS FREE. and stuff is warrantied

oh, the company name is: "Overkill Performance"

let me know!!!!!
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Come on people... I wish I was closer I would do this in a heart beat.. tgny.... what can I say always helping us out.
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