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First off. I'd recommend waiting for K&N to get some filters out and get a Corksport or HPS intake. This intake is meant for the Mazda3, not the Mazda6, regardless of what the company told me. So beware you'll need to buy a new coupler, a Spectre vacuum fitting kit, silicone hose, a Mazda3 valve cover vent hose and make a mount bracket to support it to the rad support.

I would have returned it, but being in Canada the shipping costs were more than I was willing to spend...considering I already pair for shipping it to me.

Sounds great and there is definitely power increase as I can spin tires shifting into 2nd now and car feels less jerky than before.

I ordered a new 2.75" 30° coupler from silicone intakes, and a Spectre 8711 fitting kit, and had some spare silicone hose. The rest of the stuff I needed was from the wreckers.

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So this is how i had to ghetto fit it until the coupler came in. Supplied illegal filter...thanks guys lol.

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Note how tight the maf wiring is due to the tiny coupler. Mazda3 maf wiring comes off the battery box directly at the sensor. Also see the lack of support bracket.

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Final installation. Longer coupler (had to trim 30mm off it), canister bracket and a plastic mounting bracket. Also has the Spectre fitting in the new coupler with a modified Mazda3 valve cover I can suck out some crankcase pressure! Maf wiring is slack now too. Fits like it should finally.

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So careful with this unless you own a Mazda3.

Hopefully this helps anyone who's ran into issues!

- Jack


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